Finding the perfect diamond can be a daunting task. We believe that educating our customers is the key to long term satisfaction with your purchase. Our in-house GIA certified gemologists will expertly assist you through the stone selection process. Choose from our vast selection of certified and non-certified diamonds in varying cuts, clarity, quality, and color and find the perfect stone for your taste and budget.  We also offer a large selection of classic diamond jewelry. Have something special in mind? We can custom design a piece to your specifications.

Certified Diamonds

Diamonds are graded and certified by a reliable gem laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and other grading authorities based on the “4 Cs”: cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. A diamond’s certification guarantees the quality of the stone.

Uncertified Diamonds

Non-certified diamonds have not been formally analyzed by a grading authority. These stones are often more readily available and more affordable than certified diamonds and may be formally certified or appraised at the buyer’s request.

Diamond Studs

Classic, brilliant, and always fashionable, diamond studs are a timeless style statement. These versatile earrings may be dressed up or down to complement virtually any outfit on any occasion.

Tennis Bracelets

Encircle your wrist in shining rows of elegance. An enduring piece that transcends trends, a tennis bracelet is the ultimate diamond accessory.

Tennis Necklaces

Add instant sophistication and grace to any ensemble with the quintessential diamond necklace. A dazzling strand of luminosity, the tennis necklace is the epitome of class.

Eternity Bands

Illustrate the enduring power of love with a diamond eternity band, presented on a significant birthday or anniversary as an unmistakable sign of your everlasting bond.


How does it work?

An upgraded diamond is well within your reach. Bring us your stone for evaluation and receive its full value toward a brand-new sparkler. Our process is easy and transparent, making your dream diamond an affordable reality.

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